Minimum viable content strategy to become top of mind

You're blowing your budget on head-to-head SEO, and still mean nothing to your customers. You can do more with less. We'll help you create a minimum viable content strategy so you can stand out and build trust with your best-fit customer.

Content marketing agency trusted by B2B tech companies

Create content that pays off – we've got the know-how

In a world flooded with AI-generated and copycat material, being unique and differentiated is more challenging than ever. But we've got the secret sauce. Here is our approach:

Content strategy over SEO briefs

While most content agencies stick to mindless SEO briefs, our approach involves building a strategy that guides your potential customers from awareness to conversion.

In-depth audience analysis over generic me-too topics

Instead of producing a bunch of articles with lookalike titles, headers and examples, we interview people, research the audience, identify pains, and solve them with content.

Expert interviews over copycat content

Content, based on interviews with subject matter experts and not copied from Google helps you build credibility, set yourself apart from the rest, and grow a loyal following.

Multi-platform distribution over relying on SEO only

Are you still focusing on search despite the myriad growth channels out there? We optimize content for various platforms to reach your audience wherever they are.

Analysis and optimization over 'publish and forget'

Making an impact is an ongoing process. We don't stop at content creation. We monitor content performance and optimize the highest performing pieces to maximize results.


You get it all on a monthly basis

Work with our expert strategists, writers, and editors, to create content that amplifies every other investment you make in marketing. We're your CMO's favorite content marketing ally. We have a complete package for effortless growth.

+ Content strategy
+ Research
+ Writing
+ Editing
+ Repurposing
+ Analytics
+ Optimization

We know what B2B marketers at tech companies need

- Content strategies focused on business goals
- Writing based on data and experts' words
- Distribution tactics that work across socials

How it works

1. It starts with strategy.

Why are you creating content? Who are you creating content for? What will your content cover? Where will you reach your audience? When will you deliver content to them? How will you execute? We can help you figure out the content strategy and map out a 3-month roadmap.

  1. ✔ Buyer personas
  2. ✔ Jobs to be done
  3. ✔ Competitor analysis
  4. ✔ Brand messaging
  5. ✔ Content pillars and funnel definition
  6. ✔ 1-3 months content roadmap
2. We do interviews and write content (or copy). You publish.

Among various content types, we've decided to focus on three – sales copy, thought leadership content, and case studies. We see these as the most impactful pieces a B2B tech company can create, and they're both challenging and fascinating for us to tackle.

  1. ✔ Thought leadership content
  2. ✔ Case studies
  3. ✔ Sales copy
3. We repurpose your content for different platforms. You distribute.

It's not just about creating content; it's about effective distribution. Unlike agencies that stop at the drafting stage, we adapt and optimize for diverse platforms, ensuring your message doesn't just sit on your website but resonates across LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasts, and emails.

  1. ✔ LinkedIn posts
  2. ✔ Email sequences
  3. ✔ YouTube scripts
  4. ✔ Podcast scripts
  5. ✔ Long-form gated content
4. Then we analyse and optimize… And plan again.

Want results from content? Publish → distribute → optimize. We closely monitor the performance of your content, refining our strategies based on the outcomes. This information guides our planning as we prepare the roadmap for the next three months.

  1. ✔ Results analysis
  2. ✔ Optimization strategy
  3. ✔ Execution
  4. ✔ Roadmapping

Leave easily replicable, low-quality content to your competitors

We specialize in creating distinctive content that is difficult to imitate. Our approach, combining audience analysis, strategy, expert interviews, and multi-platform distribution, distinguishes us from the rest.

Others count words; we count impact. We fulfill your ongoing need for impactful writing

With over a decade in the content industry, we've seen a flood of ineffective and low-quality content saturating the market. This realization fueled the creation of Zmist & Copy. We're adversaries of generic content. Every piece we create is focused on quality and impact. This is what sets us apart from others.

Writing with everybody else

You get mediocre content writers who require a detailed brief to put 2 words together.

You get a large quantity of content that is optimized for search but fails to engage an audience.

You get a draft.

The content you end up publishing is generic and easy to replicate.

Writing with Zmist & Copy

You work with a world-class team that has mastered our skills over the years writing impactful content for companies like yourself.

You get content that solves your audience's needs and resonates with your buyer personas – all while being optimized for search if required.

You receive a content strategy, repurposing tactics, and a draft crafted from expert interviews. We then repurpose content, analyze what works, and guide you on what to do next.

The content you end up publishing is expert-level, hard to replicate, valuable to your target audience, and effective in generating business results.

Request pricing information

We recommend building a tailored plan that works best for achieving your marketing goals.

Have questions?

Do you guarantee your content will work?

Every content marketing strategy varies, but companies that succeed share a common trait – they consistently create exceptional content for their audience and distribute this content where their audience is. While we can't guarantee growth, because don't have control of everything that contributes to growth, we can assure you that we'll help you produce outstanding content.

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What companies do you work with?

We concentrate on partnering with technology entrepreneurs in the software industry, specifically software development service providers and B2B SaaS companies. We do not work with businesses in the eCommerce sector or traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

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Do you have any specific client exclusions?

To make the most of your investment in our content services, we recommend reaching out if you've been running your business for a significant period and have a clear understanding of your product range, market positioning, and target audience. If you're starting a new company, we can provide a Discovery month where we'll assist you in developing your messaging strategy, defining your competitive edge, and identifying your target audience. This will be followed by a tailored content strategy designed to achieve your specific business objectives.

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What if we don't like the content you deliver?

We've got your back with our satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll work together to fix it. If two rounds of revisions don't do the trick, we'll either rewrite the whole thing or won't charge you.

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I want to team up with you. Are you available?

We take on only a handful of projects at once to guarantee you get top-quality content. But our slots fill up quickly, so it's a good idea to reach out at least a month in advance.

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