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How to Sell 4 Disparate Offers to 2 Different Audiences on One Page

How to Sell 4 Disparate Offers to 2 Different Audiences on One Page

The golden rule of copywriting is to target one audience with one message. But what if you can't? Discover how we broke the golden rule and why we did it.

February 27, 2024
Diana Bashta

Software development companies usually target different segments of clients. A typical combo includes small businesses, startups, and enterprises. But when writing sales copy, you can’t target all types of clients at once. Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers will strongly disapprove of that.

According to the golden rule of copywriting, to write compelling copy, you should target one audience with one message. At Zmist & Copy, we usually stick to this rule, but not this time. 

Client’s request: Create a sales page selling fintech software development services

Tallium is a web and mobile app development company. They turned to Zmist & Copy to help them write a landing page that sells fintech software development services

We had an interview with the company’s СEO who explained his vision of the page and answered all our marketing questions.

After the interview, our team realized that we couldn't follow the tried-and-true copywriting approach where you match your offer to a specific target audience. We had to target multiple audiences, or better still – the entire industry. Why? Because the reality doesn't always match the best copywriting practices.

Why break the golden rule?

When writing copy for service-based software engineering companies, you can't always target one audience with one message. Here is why.

Software developers often prioritize targeting industries over specific buyer personas. Blame that on the dynamics of the market they operate in or the decisions made by their marketing departments, the reality of their business is that their services meet the demands of numerous types of clients. Picking narrow priority segments would mean missing out on potential opportunities.

That’s why software development companies aim to cast a wider net to capture a broader audience, rather than narrowly focusing on individual buyer personas.

How effective is that? It's up to you to decide. What we know for sure, having a narrow focus helps you stand out and excel in a particular area. Going too broad might land you right in the commodity trap, eroding your competitive edge.

Anyway, back to the case study.

The challenge: How to sell several offers for different audiences on one page? 

Our copywriting challenge was to target various segments of clients within the financial industry and sell several fintech offers. On one page.

To make this landing page work, we had to focus on messaging that resonates with each audience we target and show the company’s expertise relevant to each audience.


To develop copy for the fintech landing page, we interviewed the client, analysed Tallium’s case studies, and researched their client reviews on Clutch.

We came up with the following ideas:

  • We would market Tallium as a “one-stop-shop” for fintech companies
  • We would target 2 audiences in the fintech industry – startups and banks
  • We would sell 4 offers – custom software development, Agile transformation, cloud migration, and team augmentation

“One-stop-shop” for fintech companies

In the hero section, we conveyed the idea of Tallium being a place where different clients can get different fintech development services – all in one place.

The hero section

Right after this section, we listed the benefits of working with Tallium. Each benefit starts with a verb, making it clear and actionable:

✔ Reinvent your business processes with AI and robotics

✔ Protect your company and customers from security threats

✔ Attract new clients with engaging functionality and great UX

✔ Ensure regulatory compliance for your financial products

✔ Optimize your IT costs and reduce your software time to market

✔ Hire, train, and onboard top tech talent to succeed in the long run

These benefits address the needs of almost any company in the financial services.

From broad to specific

Since our goal was to address multiple clients, we needed to be broad when describing our services and expertise. 

To describe our services, we summarized Tallium's value proposition for banks and fintech startups in one sentence:

We work with banks, financial institutions, and fintech startups to help implement Agile practices at an enterprise scale, build digital finance tools and products, and provide the sought-after tech talent to drive growth and innovation at financial services companies.

Tallium's fintech software development services section

Each of the services has a description that resonates with specific buyers. For example, Agile transformation service is for banks who want to implement Agile ways of working because this is how high performing banks operate. 

Clients that are looking for staff augmentation services typically team up with large outsourcing companies that can quickly provide them with the needed talent. We specifically mentioned that Tallium has over 100 specialists on staff to highlight the abundant availability of resources.

Four offers, two audiences, one page

Selling four fintech offers to two audiences on one page was one of the most challenging tasks for our copywriting team. So how did we solve it? 

Many service-based companies use a generic block for case studies on their websites. The case studies themselves often lack relevance to the services being promoted or to any particular industry.

We followed a different path.

We described our client’s offers and supported them with relevant case studies showing the company’s hands-on expertise in the field.

Here is what this looks like in our draft:

Combining specific offers with relevant case studies

“Bespoke development” – this is how we named the first offer. This offer sells custom fintech software development services and is supported by a relevant case study where we talk about Tallium's solution delivered to one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan.

We followed the same approach in the second section with the offer “Full-scale Agile transformation”. The related case study showcases how Tallium implement a customized Scaled Agile Framework based on SAFe 4.0 for the #1 banking group in Georgia. 

The loud migration and re-architecture" offer features a case study re-engineering retirement savings platform for a Swedish fintech company.

Finally, the offer "Team growth & capability" targets enterprises that need to expand their teams with qualified experts:

Quickly ramp up your team with needed experts. From coaching and mentorship to Hire-Train-Deploy programs, team augmentation, and even recruitment guidance, we help you tackle the talent challenge.

Of course, Tallium had a case study to illustrate this offer as well. They provided a tailor-made Hire-Train-Deploy program to the leading Swiss bank, helping them set up two dedicated data science teams in Poland. 

Delivering the right message through client testimonials 

To summarize the value proposition and company expertise communicated on the page, we picked two client testimonials where Tallium's clients speak for us. One line from these testimonials served as the subtitle for this section.

A phrase from a client testimonial adds credibility to your claims


Our experience with companies like Tallium shows that copywriting is not always about blindly following the rules. It’s about understanding your client’s goals and choosing the right strategy to achieve them.

You can see the page we wrote on the Tallium website.

February 27, 2024
Diana Bashta